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How Others Can Help

Breastfeeding can come with great joys and benefits. Support from partners or family members can make all the difference!

Ways to make breastfeeding easier for a breastfeeding mom:

  1. Allow her to relax and get enough rest. When she is not breastfeeding, suggest that she take a nap or do something she enjoys while you tend to the infant’s needs.
  2. Bring the baby to her during feeding times. Being a team throughout the night can make breastfeeding less stressful.
  3. Help out with household chores.
  4. Provide extra help in caring for babies, such as bathing, clothing changes, and diaper changes.
  5. Show the mom appreciation and let her know you value her. Do something special, like treat her to a massage, or take the baby for a walk so she can enjoy a long bath or shower.
  6. Remind her about the importance and benefits of breastfeeding. Be her cheerleader, but at the same time avoid pressuring or pushing her to breastfeed.
  7. Help make sure she is drinking enough fluids (at least 8 cups a day). It takes great hydration and extra calories to produce milk for a baby.
  8. Help the mom pump and store breast milk, so you can bottle feed the baby even without formula.



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