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How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

Everyone needs sleep! For babies, sleep is the main activity of the brain.

Sleep cycles are based on the cycle of light and dark. They take time to develop, which is why newborns don’t have regular sleep patterns.

How much sleep should my child get?

Age Hours of Sleep in 24 hours Sleep Habits
Birth – 1 month 15 – 18 Sleep in short, random periods of 2 – 4 hours at a time.

Sleep is not related to day or night.

1 – 4 months 14 – 15 Start to form sleep patterns.
4 – 12 months 14 – 15 Start establishing healthy sleep habits.  Wake less during the night.

Nap a few times during the day.

1 – 3 years 12 – 14 Sleep much of the night.

Need at least one nap a day.

Every baby and toddler is different, so it’s important to learn what amount of sleep is best for your child. If you’re concerned about your growing child’s sleep patterns, your healthcare provider can help.

And remember to always place babies on their backs to sleep! This dramatically reduces the risk of death from Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUID).


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