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Child Development

Healthy Communication

The way you communicate with your child makes a major difference in her development – emotionally, intellectually, and even physically.

Don’t wait until children talk to begin communicating. Start when they’re born – or before!

When you are sensitive and responsive in communicating, you help your child:

  1. Develop a sense of self.
  2. Learn how to express a range of emotions.
  3. Learn self-control and self-calming.
  4. Develop a healthy bond with you.

How to talk to babies and toddlers:

  1. Read to them and talk about the pictures.
  2. Sing simple songs to them – and with them.
  3. Use simple words and phrases they can mimic.
  4. Give a play-by-play of your activities, like when you prepare food.
  5. Make up stories featuring them as the main characters, especially when you’re out and about.

Tips for healthy communication between you and your child:

  1. Be available for her. As a parent, watch for times that she is talking more, like at the dinner table, after child care, or other times.
  2. Let him know you’re listening. Talk to him during the times he is most talkative. Show him that you care about his day and life by listening to his stories.
  3. Let her finish talking before you respond. If you don’t understand what she said, repeat what you heard.
  4. Respond in a way he will hear. When talking to him, use a soft voice. Children learn to tune you out when you yell.


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