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Connecting to Care and Services

Choosing a Primary Care Provider

A primary care provider can be a family doctor or another qualified professional (like a nurse practitioner) who sees patients of all ages, including infants.

To find a primary care provider who is a good fit for your family:

  1. Talk to family and friends to see who they go to for care and if they are happy with the care they receive.
  2. Find out what insurances  are accepted at different clinics.
  3. Learn the office hours of the clinic to make sure they work with your family’s schedule.
  4. Find out which hospital the provider refers his or her patients to.
  5. Choose someone you are comfortable talking to about physical, mental, and emotional health, including preventive medicine.
  6. Make sure the provider has enough time to listen and answers all the questions you may have.
  7. Listen to how the doctor explains your health and be sure it is in a way you understand. 

Relationships take time to build. But if you are turned off or uncomfortable with the provider you have chosen, it is OK to schedule your next appointment with someone else. You always have the right to find a primary care provider who is the best fit for you and your family.


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