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Connecting to Care and Services

Providing Respite Care

Respite care is a way for people thinking of starting foster parenting to try a temporary situation before taking children full time.

To be a strong respite care provider:

  1. Take respite parent training through a foster care agency.
  2. Be aware of various cultural practices of children who may be in your care.
  3. If the child has a home language other than English, learn what the language is. If you can, start to learn words in his language. Understand that being able to speak more than one language will be a strength for him, and encourage him as he learns his home language and English.
  4. Develop the skills needed to take care of a special needs child. Different respite programs will have a System of Care that will tell you what is needed.
  5. Earn the trust of the family and child. By listening to the family and child and keeping the family’s information confidential, you will earn the trust of the family. Reassure the family that you are there to help the person in need.


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