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Connecting to Care and Services

Quality Child Care

To find quality childcare for your child:

  1. Start looking as early as you can. No matter what kind of care you will be choosing, looking early can be helpful.
  2. Start your search with a local professional. Contact Parent Services through ChildCare Aware at 1-800-997-8515 or
  3. Visit the child care places you are considering and ask questions:
    • How many children is each adult in charge of? Babies need more one-on-one care, and each adult can be in charge of up to 4 babies at a time. Four-year-olds can do better in larger groups, and each adult can be in charge of up to ten 4-year-olds.
    • Ask about training and education of caregivers. Do caregivers continue to go to classes? The more education caregivers have, the better they can help your child learn.
    • See how long a caregiver has been working either at the center or at home.
    • Make sure the caregiver is qualified.
    • Think about all the information you have. Then make the choice that best fits your family.
  4. Stay involved with your child’s care by having regular parent-caregiver meetings, volunteer when able, make visits unexpectedly, and join in on special events such as field trips or holidays. You do not have to take time off from work to do these things, but can do them when picking up your children.


Parents and caregivers – we hope you find what you’re looking for here. Whether it’s tips on sleeping, feeding, developmental milestones, or many other topics, we have information for you! Visit again soon, as we update these tips often.




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