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Connecting to Care and Services

Using Respite Care

For parents of children with special needs, respite care is a vital service. It can give all kinds of parents (biological, adoptive, and foster) a break and provide much needed rest.

If you are thinking of using respite care:

  1. Contact a respite care provider. Do this far in advance in order to set up a respite family. Two weeks is usually enough notice. To help locate a respite care provider, use Access to Respite Care and Help (ARCH) National Respite Network and Resource Center’s website.
  2. Meet the respite provider in advance. Doing this prior to the days of care can decrease stress on the children.
  3. Make a Respite Packet. This includes special information about your child, such as likes, dislikes, medications, appointments, or special instructions.
  4. Be sure to include enough clean clothes for the time your child will be with the respite family. This includes diapers and wipes for children who need them. Also, packing a familiar toy or stuffed animal may help your child adjust.


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