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Daily Life

Running Errands

Running errands (like grocery shopping) can be a fun family time:

  1. Consider timing. As much as you can, run errands when your child is well-rested.
  2. Allow plenty of time. Doing any activity with children is typically not a quick event.
  3. Bring something familiar, such as a toy, blanket, or book from home.
  4. Go with a list. This can help you and your child stay focused.
  5. Celebrate good behavior. Take your child to the park on another family activity after running errands.
  6. Be prepared to check out and leave with the items you have if your shopping trip is not going well. Or just pick up quick necessities.
  7. With babies, talk Make eye contact.
  8. For older babies and toddlers, bring or buy a quick snack like fruit, so they have something to eat while waiting or shopping. Play the color game; see how many things of one color you can spot.
  9. With preschoolers, play interactive games like the letter game; how many things do you see that begin with a certain letter? For example: B – bread, broccoli, bananas.


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