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Healthy Eating

As babies grow, their nutritional needs change. As toddlers or young children, they need the same types of food from the five food groups that adults need:

  1. Vegetables.
  2. Fruits.
  3. Grains.
  4. Proteins.
  5. Dairy and related foods.

Tips for encouraging your child to become a healthy eater:

  1. Make meals about more than eating. Use this time to teach and spend time with your child.
  2. Make a mealtime and snack routine, which can help prevent children from acting out when they are hungry and help them transition from other activities.
  3. Offer 3-4 healthy choices at each meal.
  4. Do not force your child to eat.
  5. Offer healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables.
  6. Use children’s creativity to help them learn to love healthy foods. Arrange healthy foods in interesting shapes (like faces). Make up fun names for healthy snacks.
  7. Limit juice to 4 oz (or one small cup) per day. Juice is considered empty calories, and there are healthier options for your child.
  8. Allow babies and toddlers to leave the table when they are done eating.
  9. With patience, continue to introduce each new food up to 15 times, even if your child does not like it the first time.


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