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Helping Picky Eaters

It’s not easy when children resist certain foods, but these tips can help:

  1. Make meal times planned and regular.
  2. Offer choices. Children need a sense of personal power. When they have a say in what they’re going to eat, they often don’t need to say “no” to what you offer.
  3. Involve children in making the meal.
  4. Limit snacks. Snacks can be great, but make sure your child is hungry when she gets to the table. Don’t give too many snacks before meal times, and make sure snacks are nutritious.
  5. Make meal time fun. Toddlers thrive on attention. When you make meal time about stories, jokes, and interaction, it will become something your whole family enjoys and looks forward to.
  6. Try new foods many times. It can take children, and even adults, up to 15 times of trying a food before they like it. Keep offering, but don’t force it.
  7. Serve items in small portions. Sometimes large amounts can be too much for little eyes. Give small quantities and refill the plate as needed.
  8. Serve the most important foods first.
  9. Find new and fun ways to make meal time fun. Read a book about a certain food and then make that food together.


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