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Family Types

Adoptive Parenting

Because of the uniqueness of adoption, your child is likely to be extra curious about your family’s story.

Handling adoption questions from your child and others:

  1. Just as you would tell a biological child his birth story, tell your child his adoption story.
  2. Keep a scrapbook of the adoption story and keep track of your child’s milestones in the scrapbook.
  3. Decide on words to use in the household regarding the adoption – for example, biological mother and adopted mother.
  4. Be open with your child about her adoption. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to discuss. If your child is not ready yet to discuss the topic of adoption fully, wait until she’s ready for more details.
  5. If the adoption was open, explore whether and how to help your child develop a relationship with his birth family.


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