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Family Types

Multicultural Families

To feel a sense of belonging, children need a sense of all their cultures and traditions.

Celebrate your family’s different heritages:

  1. Embrace and honor your family’s entire heritage together through traditions, religious practices, food, music, language, and other aspects that are important to your family.
  2. If you have family members who speak different languages, speak these languages in your home, so that your children are exposed to them.
  3. Tell stories about your family’s beliefs and history.
  4. Find books and other materials that help your children learn about their heritages.
  5. Let your children know that they don’t have to choose between the cultures or races they come from. They can claim all of the traditions that belong to their family or families.
  6. When they’re ready, talk with your children about how to respond to barriers or negative comments they may experience. Since prejudice and discrimination can influence children’s self-esteem, do your best to acknowledge your children’s efforts and good choices from a very young age.


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