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Family Types

Stay at Home Parents

Raising children as a stay-at-home parent is a challenging job that is not always recognized, because it is not a paid position.

Children of stay-at-home parents often benefit from more healthy food choices and opportunities for play.

Tips for stay-at-home parents:

  1. Keep the same general routine. This can motivate you and also help your child know what to expect.
  2. Seek out interactions with other adults. Story time at the library, playgrounds, or community groups can be good places to meet other parents.
  3. Don’t worry about being a perfect parent. This can stress you out. Your child needs you to love and take care of him, not be perfect.
  4. Accept help from others. Many cultures around the world say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Since most of us no longer live in villages, we have to create our own villages by reaching out to others.
  5. Take care of yourself, which helps you stay strong and healthy for your child.
  6. Give yourself credit for the work you do. It can be hard to remember how important the job of raising a child is when you don’t see a paycheck.
  7. If you need information, look around more on this site. You can find everything from how your child is developing to great play ideas.
  8. Running a household on one budget can be difficult. Different types of financial help may be available, and there are ways to make your budget stretch.


Parents and caregivers – we hope you find what you’re looking for here. Whether it’s tips on sleeping, feeding, developmental milestones, or many other topics, we have information for you! Visit again soon, as we update these tips often.




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