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Family Types

Working Parents

Parents who work outside the home sometimes worry that they’re not giving their children all the time they need.

Like children of stay-at-home parents, children whose parents work outside the home generally do very well as adults. They tend to form secure bonds with their parents and benefit from other loving adults who help them develop socially and emotionally.

To balance time between work and family:

  1. Plan ahead. Use a calendar or planner to help you make arrangements with your partner, babysitter, or child care center while you are working.
  2. Focus on your child during the time that you have together. Avoid distractions like your phone or the TV. Very focused positive attention, even for 5 minutes, is very valuable for your child.
  3. Arrange as much time off as you can to spend time with your family.
  4. If your job allows, spend time with your child while working from home.
  5. Take good care of yourself. You’ll be more able to manage the stress that comes from parenting and working outside the home.
  6. Find quality childcare that is safe and dependable. Arrange on-site or nearby child care that may help to continue breastfeeding if you plan on doing so. Child care can be expensive, and some families qualify for financial assistance.


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