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Parenting Challenges

Preventing Dismissal from Child Care

Almost all childcare providers work with parents before they dismiss a child.

When a child’s behavior becomes a concern, most providers:

  1. Observe and document the behavior.
  2. Meet with parents to discuss behavior and consequences.
  3. Offer parents with outside resources to assist.
  4. Provide the family with other contacts for a new placement.

Common reasons for dismissal:

  1. A child’s need for more specialized care.
  2. A child’s health issues.
  3. Behavior challenges.
  4. Safety of other children.
  5. Lack of staff to care for all enrolled children.
  6. Family’s inability to pay.

To keep a good relationship with your child care provider and support your child:

  1. Do your best to pay the bill on time and look for financial help to pay.
  2. Be involved and communicate with the providers.
  3. Be open about issues you have at home with your child.
  4. Listen to the concerns your child care provider shares with you.
  5. Arrange a free developmental screening for your child, so you can learn about any unmet needs your child may have.
  6. Learn about social-emotional development, positive discipline, and healthy communication to give your child the best you can.

If you are a provider, contact Child Care Aware to learn about working with an inclusion specialist to help resolve issues before you decide to dismiss a child from your care.


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