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Special Needs

Services for Special Needs

With good support, it can be an amazing experience to watch your child grow and flourish.

Programs offered through the North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Children’s Special Health Services (CSHS):

  1. Care Coordination Program: Connects families to community resources and services.
  2. Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Service System: Focuses on community-based services related to screening, transition, partnering with families, insurance, and health care providers.
  3. Information Resource Center: Provides healthcare related information to families and service providers.
  4. Multidisciplinary Clinics: Provide access to different medical providers and health care professionals, including pediatric specialty care, in one place and time.
  5. Specialty Care Diagnostic and Treatment Program: Helps families pay for various medical services for children who are eligible.

Statewide resources for information or direct care:

  1. Advocacy and Legal: Services such as finding a lawyer or any other legal matters.
  2. Child Care and Respite Care: Child care and respite care (where a caregiver can get a temporary break with the help of trained providers).
  3. Early Intervention/Child Development: Services within child development and early intervention (such as occupational or physical therapy).
  4. Community Health Services: Services such as community health clinics, hospitals, and emergency centers.
  5. Family Support: Organizations such as Family Voices of North Dakota, Federation for Children’s Mental Health, and government agencies that support families of children with special needs.


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