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Taking Care of Yourself

Being Healthy Before You Become Pregnant

If there’s a chance you could get pregnant (even without trying), your health is extra important.

When you’re healthy, you can help your child (even an unplanned one) have a strong foundation for a healthy life.

Ways to help you and your future baby be healthy:

  1. Take a multi-vitamin that contains folic acid, which helps unborn babies’ nervous systems develop.
  2. Keep a healthy diet and be physically active.
  3. Talk to your health care provider about screening and managing any health conditions you may have.
  4. Visit your health care provider at the recommended times for physical checkups.
  5. Look at the medications and other substances that are entering your body and the effects they could have on your unborn child.
  6. If you smoke, give it up. NDQuits (1.800.QUIT.NOW) has a lot of free options to help you quit smoking.
  7. Stop using any alcohol or drugs. Call FirstLink at 2-1-1 for info on programs that can help you quit drinking or using.
  8. Use contraception correctly and consistently if you are sexually active, could become pregnant, and wish to prevent pregnancy.


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