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Taking Care of Yourself

Time Management

It can be tough to manage time when you’re busy with a child’s needs!

With some planning, you can create more together-time, while helping your child develop independence and self-worth.

Time management tips for busy families:

  1. Use a daily planner: Every paper that comes home from school, work, or anywhere else with a date on it can go into the planner. Playdates? Check the planner. You can also color-code it. For starters, you can use one color for meals and another for events.
  2. Make a meal plan: Put a meal planning or shopping list on the fridge or by the door – wherever you’ll see it best. When you run out of something needed, write it on the list.
  3. Make family night a priority: Family comes first. But with the rest of life’s pressures, important family bonding can lose its place. Write “family time” on your calendar each week – and say no to other obligations.


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